Full Service Interior Design

Transforming a home to fit your personal style and needs can be a huge endeavor. That is why partnering with an experienced full-service interior designer is a key component to ensuring your value is maximized through a seamless process. Our team at Haus Grimes works closely with client’s to hone in on their vision for how their home should not only function, but also make them feel.

A full-service interior design project consists of touching on the function and design of every space in the home, bringing your vision to life in each and every detail. This includes hard surface selections, lighting plans, custom cabinetry and more, all the way to selecting, purchasing, and installing furnishings.

The advantage of undertaking a full interior design service lies in the achievement of a cohesive design. By opting for a full-home design, you ensure that the various elements and spaces within your home harmonize seamlessly. This approach allows for a unified and consistent aesthetic, where each room compliments the others, creating a sense of flow and continuity throughout your living space.

This cohesion not only enhances the overall visual appeal but also contributes to a more functional and harmonious living environment, where every part of your home feels interconnected and purposefully designed.

Our team collaborates with architects and builders from start to finish to ensure the design is coordinated and implemented between all parties involved. We understand the impact of this service and that it is unique to each client, their budget, and their home.

Haus Grimes Full Service interior design includes:

  • custom design concept
  • dimensioned floor plans
  • construction drawings
  • space planning
  • elevation drawings
  • 3D visuals
  • custom cabinetry design
  • finish selections and specifications
  • furniture selections and specifications
  • installation of furniture, art, and accessories
  • coordination with vendors, architects, and builders



Selective – Full Service

In certain instances, full-service interior design for an entire home may prove to be too extensive, prompting the need to break down projects into manageable phases. This involves concentrating on one or several spaces, ensuring a more practical and staged approach to the overall design process.

Despite the scale of the project, Haus Grimes is eager to offer personalized and custom-curated designs that serve as a thoughtful reflection of your unique style, all within your budget.

Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, great room, bedroom, flex space, or any other area within your home, we embrace the opportunity to transform individual spaces with the same dedication and attention to detail as a full-home design.

Haus Grimes Selective Full Service interior design includes:

  • all of the same services as a full service design, just scaled down to selected rooms.