Founder & Principal Designer


Hi, I’m Kara – founder and principal designer here at Haus Grimes. I’m thrilled our paths have crossed and am eager to share my passion for interiors with you. There has never been a question of doubt that interior design is the path for me. From my early years, my idea of ‘fun’ involved rearranging furniture in my family home and envisioning transformations in every room. I even went as far as placing my bed in the center of the room just to see how it would feel. Don’t worry – I realized then that it wasn’t an ideal layout, but I had to try.

While my experience in pursuing a degree in Interior Design from Central Michigan University was foundational, my journey truly began to unfold in Phoenix, where I first delved into 3D modeling and 2D plans for infrastructure projects across the valley. I transitioned to working under a home builder, gaining crucial insights into building concepts while continuing to craft my technical skills, and eventually found my way to interior design, where I finally feel at home.

While interiors are dear to my heart, I’m also passionate about helping others. Through our journey together, my hope is to create a one of a kind experience that makes you feel comfortable, heard, and excited throughout.

But, enough about me. Let me tell you a bit about the studio.


Haus Grimes


While Haus Grimes is in its youthful stages, the past six years have been spent developing the technical and creative expertise that has allowed it to blossom. As for the studio’s vision and philosophy- this is just who we always have been, down to the core.

We believe beautiful design and expert execution are crucial, but equally important is the journey we take our clients through. In our studio, design is collaborative, communication is key, and it’s even better when sprinkled with some laughter.

When it comes to design, we love to craft soulful interiors infused with individuality. No two projects are the same; we feel strongly that each project is a reflection of your personal style and should ENHANCE your way of living. In order to design a space rooted by your story, we’ll dive into who you are, how you want your space to feel, and ensure it is functional enough to stand the test of time.

If you feel connected with us already, reach out to us! We look forward to hearing about your project.